Reading time: 2 minutes The pillars of scale according to Gary Vee: hire ultra fast, fire even faster, and emrace the power of average when it comes to building your company to scale.

You don’t go from 650 to 1000 employees in under a year without some pretty aggressive recruiting strategies. The secret to Gary Vaynerchuk’s approach to scaling VaynerMedia?

Hire anybody with a heartbeat. “Do you have a pulse? Here’s your fob.” he says.

“It’s never about the hiring. Too many people here are crippled by the hiring and making the right call. It’s about the firing. So if you’re going to let somebody into your inner circle don’t worry about what their intentions are or if they’re full of shit. Once they get in, if you can taste it, get em out.”

The man’s got a point. Hiring is probably the biggest internal necessity to scaling your business (if that’s your thing *nudge nudge*). And if you’re looking to scale, whether form 20 employees to 40 or, in Gary’s case, to 1000 in under a year, then you have to hire fast or you’ll completely miss your targets. You can’t afford to spend weeks interviewing for one position – it’s too time consuming and isn’t conducive to growth. Worry more about firing those that aren’t helping scale the business once they’re in it, instead of trying to find 20 of best people out there.

In fact, Gary actually prefers people who aren’t the best out there. He thinks average is an asset:

“I’m a big fan of B and C players… I’m actually very fond of average players on your team. For scale. If you’re going to build a four person company, you all have to be ninjas, I get it. But if you’re building a 700 person company you don’t have to have 700 A’s. As a matter of fact when you really break it down, anybody that works for someone else isn’t like you. There’s no me working for you.”

So the bottom line for Gary: Hire ultra fast. And if the people you hire turn out not to be a good fit for your company, then get them out of there FAST. Of course firing people isn’t easy, and not even Gary Vaynerchuk is immune to how brutal it can be.

“I would actually argue that my biggest weakness ever was my visceral reaction to confrontation which made me very bad at firing for 10-12 years. I was terrible at it. Like, I was terrible at it. I was so full of shit. I would never give any critical feedback and then you’d just walk in and be fired because I pent up enough courage to finally do it. I was really bad at it. And I’m very embarrassed about that.”  

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