“If I could buy people at what they think they’re worth, and sell them at their true value, I’d be filthy rich.“

Amazing people become more amazing over time and you just can’t predict who someone will become or what they will go on to accomplish in their life.

So if you’re looking to build a world class network, if you appreciate the power of proximity and want to build a solid group of peers, then find people who are undervalued, under-appreciated, who show great potential, and double down on them. You’ll be glad you did.

Practical steps for scouting new and promising talent, how to capture relationship intelligence, my 6 Strategies for investing in relationships so that you can really nurture them for the long haul, and so much more in this episode of Community Made…

Reviewer of the week: Zvi Band

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The Tim Ferriss Show

The 5 Love Languages

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Ryan Holiday

Nick Kusmich

Tim Ferriss

Richard Branson

John Paul Dejoria

Travis Kalanick

Eric Schmidt

Bob Chapman

Brené Brown

Dan Martell

Tony Robbins

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