“This isn’t a networking event. You’re here to make connections.
You’re here to make real friends. You’re here to get help” – Chris Winfield

Selena Soo and Chris Winfield get it. They just get it. It’s as simple as that.

Here’s what I mean – so many people I talk to are only concerned with ROI. When I tell them that I host dinners and the best investment you can make is in your relationships, they’re puzzled. You can see it in their eyes, “Where’s the ROI? Show me the numbers…”

In this conversation, I sit down in busling NYC to learn from two super-connectors that are masters at hosting dinners. They’ve partnered with one another in this process, and their “divide and conquer” mentality has allowed them to host some of NYC’s biggest names in publishing and publicity .

In this episode of Community Made we dig into the delicious details of how you can build deep, lasting relationships with influencers through monthly dinner meetups and live events.


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Elite Retreat

Impacting Millions


People mentioned in this episode:

Derek Halpern

Dan Martell

Todd Herman

John Corcoran

Clay Hebert

Neil Patell

Jeffrey Zurofsky

Michael Fishman

Ramit Sethi

Steve Jobs

Danny Meyer

Pat Flynn

John Lee Dumas

Chris Ducker

Kimra Luna

Suzy Moore

Ryan Lee

Sol Orwell

Victor Chung

David Olk

Neil Strauss

Nick Onken

Jonathon Fields

Ryan Lee

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