“I’m the happiest person with cancer in the world. It’s made me really love my family, it’s really made me appreciate my kids…waking up every single day and seeing the sun, and seeing the mountains and just appreciating that has been phenomenal.” – Jordan Guernsey

This is one of my most treasured interviews. In this episode I talk with a dear friend Jordan Guernsey just weeks before he passed away. Jordan was an incredible person, father, and husband who was diagnosed with stage three melanoma cancer while in the midst of scaling his business.

In this conversation we talk about the dangers of being a tunnel-visioned entrepreneur, Jordan’s struggle to step away from the business in order to focus on his health, his perspective on life and death, his family, meditation, and his spiritual journey during that time.

To this day I am truly moved by the tenacity and hope with which Jordan dealt with his diagnosis, and the affirmation with which he chose to live out the limited time he had left.

Be prepared to question everything…

Show Notes:

4:40 –

Q: Have you always been good at letting go or was that something you had to learn how to do?

A: (Jordan Guernsey)

  • He was always good at delegating but his flaw was that he didn’t hold people accountable. And cancer forced Jordan to become better at that.
  • Always good at attracting good people, but he also attracted the wrong people at times.

6:04 –

Q: What did cancer do to building Molding Box?

A: (Jordan Guernsey)

  • His diagnosis made him really define the core values of Molding Box and not just the bottom line.
  • Business isn’t just some institute, it’s people working together to accomplish common goals.
  • Cancer not only changed his life, but it changed the way Molding Box was run.

18:35 –

Q: Did you always have a positive mindset?

A: (Jordan Guernsey)

  • He’s always been happy, yes.
  • But cancer really put his priorities straight and forced him to take ownership.

20:05 –

Q: How do you create the space of freedom to choose the meaning of an event?

A: (Jordan Guernsey)

  • Meditation was huge for Jordan. It’s a journey of becoming more and more self aware.
  • He noticed how you react to things without judgment.
  • When you achieve a level of self awareness, celebrate that small win and move on.

35:20 –

Q: Do people require crises in order to change their priorities or shift their mindset?

A: (Jordan Guernsey)

  • Possibly, but not all the time.
  • If you can change your perspective before a symptom comes you’re way ahead of the game.
  • It’s so hard hard for entrepreneurs to get to that point without a crisis. This is because it requires admitting that things aren’t completely perfect.

45:44 –

Q: What is your proudest moments and why?

A: (Jordan Guernsey)

  • One of my proudest moments is facing one of my biggest fears and just doing it anyway.

48:20 –

Q: Who is the first person to come to mind when you hear the word ‘successful’ and why?

A: (Jordan Guernsey)

  • Me. This is because success is individual.
  • Success is being real with someone. It’s being authentic and not caring about what you think about me or what I think about you. It’s about being open and honest.

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