“If you want to be great at something, find someone who’s the best at it and learn from them.” -Todd Herman

Full disclosure: I am a huge Todd Herman fan. I met Todd during one of the darkest times of my life, and my connection to him has had a substantial positive impact.

​​This man owns real estate in my mind when it comes to mentorship, and for good reason. His digital book, The Definitive Guide on Finding & Becoming a Mentor is the most underrated piece of literature on the subject I have ever read.

In this episode of Community Made, the two of us sit down to discuss the many myths of mentorship, Todd’s framework for finding a great mentor, his personal playbook on how to be a great mentor, and the many benefits that can be found in mentoring other people…
Reviewer of the Week: Christy Burch
Select Links and References

Todd Herman’s The 90 Day Year

The Definitive Guide on Finding & Becoming a Mentor

Seeking Wisdom by Peter Bevelin

Contagious by Jonah Berger

Give and Take by Adam Grant

Luxy Hair

Coaching the Mental Game by Harvey Dorfman

22 Immutable Laws of Marketing

How to Get a Meeting with Anyone


People mentioned in this episode:

Ryan Deiss

Philip Seymour Hoffman

Daniel Day-Lewis

Ronald Reagan

Nancy Reagan

Adam Grant

Jonah Berger

Grant Henderson

Jim Rohn

James Perly

Seth Godin

Alex Ikonn

Gary Nealon

Tony Robbins

Zig Ziglar

Harvey Dorfman

Roger Clemens

Andy Pettitte

Tucker Max

Shep Gordon

Stu Heinecke

Dave Nonis

Saul Miller

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