“I was feeling a little bit isolated in my entrepreneurial journey
and I just wanted to build a circle of people.” Alexis Dean

In this episode of Community Made I sit down with two uber-catalysts, Giovanni Marsico and Alexis Dean. Giovanni is the founder of Archangel Summit, Archangel Academy and Archangel Masters, a trifecta designed to support mission-driven entrepreneurs, help socially oriented startups fund their dreams, and connect global leaders in cause-driven enterprise through annual gatherings. Alexis is the founder of Dovetail Summit, a curated global community of high performing female founders who gather at invitation-only, all-inclusive summit weekends.  

The three of us discuss how to build communities at scale, finding your tribe, the complexities of hosting small intimate gatherings vs. huge summit style events, best practices for vetting potential members and attendees and so much more!

Reviewer of the week: Ernest Khan

Select Links and References:

ArchAngel Masters

Archangel Summit

Dovetail Team Building

To apply for an invitation to the Dovetail Summer Summit (August 9th – 12th, 2018) visit: Dovetail Summit

People mentioned in this episode:

Joe Polish

Chris Guillebeau

Dan Martell

Sol Orwell

A.J. Jacobs

James Altucher

Naveen Jain

Tony Gareri

Clay Hebert

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