“I do dinners selfishly because I’m fascinated… I just have an addiction to being around people who are passionate about what they’re creating in the world. Period.” – Dan Martell

In this episode of Community Made I sit down with my dear friends Sol Orwell and Dan Martell to talk about their signature styles of hosting catalyst dinners in their own communities. The three of us discuss everything you  need to consider to become an excellent host. From best practices for invitations, to seating assignments, venue selection, tips for facilitating great dinner conversations and so much more….

Reviewer of the week: Amy Berit

Select Links and References

Sol Orwell

Dan Martell

Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferazzi

People mentioned in this episode:

Clay Hebert

Michael Litt

Tim Ferriss

Keith Ferrazzi

Jeff Walker

Lewis Howes

Ryan Holiday

Shaa Wasmund

Joey Coleman

Chris Plough

Chris Ashenden

Mark Cuban

Derek Coburn

Richard Branson

Dave McClure

Ryan Holmes

Michael Lind

Rick Perreault

Nicholas Kusmich

Trivinia Barber

Jack Canfield

Steve Hanselman

Frank Bouchard

Matt Bertulli

Neil Patel

Jim Estill

Darryl Hicks

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