“It takes the same amount of time and energy to solve a small problem as it does a big one, so why not go out and attack a big one?”  – Naveen Jain

Naveen grew up in a small village in India so poor that he and his family rarely had enough food to eat. Today, he’s the billionaire CEO of two game-changing companies: Moon Express, the first company permitted to mine for minerals on the moon and Viome, the health tech startup whose mission is to create a world where sickness is optional. In this MMT archive episode of Community Made, Naveen talks about why you have to find your moonshot and take it, setting audacious goals, thinking not just outside the box but in a different box, and how he builds teams capable of changing life as we know it.

Warning: This episode will make you feel like your dreams aren’t big enough and you can do anything…

Show Notes:

6:58 –

Q: What sacrifices have you made?

A: (Naveen Jain)

  • Sacrifice is the feeling that you have when you value something that you don’t get.
  • Work / Life Balance: that indicates that these two things (work and family balance) are in conflict and that’s why they need balance. But it doesn’t have to be that way.
  • He doesn’t have any regrets.

9:24 –  

Q: What lessons have you imparted on your kids?

A: (Naveen Jain)

  • He feels like his biggest accomplishment in my life are really our children. “Instead of leaving the better world for our children, I decided to leave the better children for this world. That’s how you will change this world.
  • He argues that love for our children is absolutely unconditional but our approval is not.
  • Your job as a parent is to communicate to your kids what makes you proud.
  • He tries to impart that “Success will never be about how much money you have in the bank, it will always be about how many lives have you been able to change….”
  • He thinks that the day you become humble is the day you have become successful, which he teaches his kids.

12:51 –

Q: What was important for you to instill in your children early on?

A: (Naveen Jain)

  • When you are successful in life, you take so much help from every single person you come across. Realize it or not the universe plans everything around you to make your dreams come true. And when you go up in that elevator, we always forget to send the elevator down.
  • It is about having audacious dreams and making them happen. He’s trying to land on the moon, and wants people to have their own “moonshot” dream.

21:26 –

Q: How did you get involved with health and education?

A: (Naveen Jain)

  • Health and education are identical problems. People believe they’re not working, but they are working exactly as they were designed to function.
  • Chronic diseases start in the gut. All of these big issues that people deal with are started with the gut, and they’re healed in the gut.

34:20 –

Q: Is the genetic health testing open to market and where do people access it?

A: (Naveen Jain)

  • Yes, it’s open to the market. You can get quarterly testing from Viome.com.

36:39 –

Q: Why are you so ambitious and what are you trying to create?

A: (Naveen Jain)

  • Making money is not the end goal. Making money is a bi-product of doing things that you really enjoy doing. If you focus on it, you never get it. So making money is like having an orgasm, if you focus on it you’re never gonna get it.

37:24 –

Q: How do you build your companies?

A: (Naveen Jain)

  • If create a purpose that’s so big that people can get attached to. Amazing people will come and join you.
  • Have audacious goals and allow your team to attack them.

40:50 –

Q: What’s the deeper why behind your ambition?

A: (Naveen Jain)

  • The deeper why is philanthropy – his question to himself is always “what can I do to change the lives of a billion people?”
  • Entrepreneurs as the next super powers – doing the good that used to be the domain of the nationstates.
  • The survival of the human race depends on SpaceX.

45:00 –

Q: How do you try to instill the skill to ask bigger questions in children or employees?

A: (Naveen Jain)

  • You must come from outside of particular industry. You don’t think about things from outside of the box, but rather from a different box. That’s where true disruption happens.
  • Think so big that people think you’re crazy and never ever be afraid to fail.
  • You never fail as an entrepreneur until you give up

48:30 –

Q: How do you get your entire team to follow your vision?

A: (Naveen Jain)

  • He’s not a process guy, he’s the visionary.
  • So he finds people who have complementary skills. He doesn’t look for people that he likes and wants to grab a beer with, but for people people who are good things that he isn’t good at.

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