Meet Jayson Gaignard

Just a few years ago..

I was stuck on the entrepreneurial ‘hamster wheel’ building a business I hated, to buy things I didn’t need, to impress people I didn’t even like.

I was successful on the outside, but the heaviness of that success left me yearning for the lightness of being a beginner again.

I was bankrupt on every level..

Emotionally, spiritually, financially, even physically since I had built my business, like so many of us do, at the expense of my health.

Add to that, I had just moved to a town I didn’t like, entered a marriage I wasn’t ready for, and was having an incredibly hard time adjusting to being a new father.

But rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life. Fast forward to today, and my life is virtually unrecognizable from what it was only a few short years ago…

The whole experience made me burn boats in search of something new..

Something fulfilling. I didn’t know what this would be at the time but by the end of our first MMT event in May of 2013, I knew I had found it.

The speed in which I’ve turned my life around is thanks to one thing, and one thing only… My relationships. The rarely spoken about truth when it comes to success is that nobody does it alone.

I’m not self made.
I’m community made.

Community Made is about connecting incredible human beings who are doing amazing things, who believe, as I do, that your network is your net worth and understand that ‘Self Made’ is a myth..

My hope is that the content and resources we create here will resonate with you on a deeper level. That what you hear in our podcast, read in our articles, or learn in our courses will really have an impact in your personal and professional life.

And that, in our private online community you will finally find your tribe of like-minded people that you can truly relate to.

We are drowning in contacts, but starving for community.

Welcome to Community Made.

Jayson Gaignard, Founder