Investing the time, money, and energy into attending events is an important part of building new relationships and growing your network. In fact, if you’re a growth-minded entrepreneur then attending the right events and live experiences is the ultimate unfair advantage because they deliver one of our most valuable assets necessary to grow your network in record time…access.

Instant access to growth, instant access to the wisdom of others, and instant access to relationships. 3 reasons you should attend more events this year…

Instant Access to Growth

I say it all the time and I’ll say it again… If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.

If I could boil down my success to one thing, it’s that I have always surrounded myself with people who were one step ahead of me in all areas of life. Folks who make me feel uncomfortable on some level, because that uncomfort forces me to grow as quickly as possible. Who force me to fill the gap between where I am and where they are.

I like to think of the discomfort we feel when we’re around people who are operating a level above our own as a special mixture of eustress and our deep human need to belong. Eustress (as opposed to distress) is defined as a normal to moderate level of stress, whether it be psychological or physical, that is beneficial to overall performance. It’s a ‘good’ type of stress that can motivate us to up our game. Never forget that iron sharpens iron. Growth begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Events can be a great vehicle to surround yourself with people who are playing at the next level whether that be in life or business.

Instant Access to Wisdom

Good judgement comes from experience and experience often comes from bad judgement.

Learning things for yourself first hand can be costly, learning from the experience of others is a much better way to go. A roman poet famously said, “nothing has yet been said that hasn’t been said before”. But I also take that as nothing has to be learned that hasn’t been learned before. Success leaves clues. Being able to learn from speakers, panelists and even your fellow peers at an event enables you to shave years off your learning curve. It gives you the ability to avoid costly mistakes and build off of success.

Instant Access to Relationships

Events can be a great vehicle to connect people you otherwise wouldn’t be able to connect with.

Did you know that entrepreneurs make up only 3% of the general population? Imagine for a moment that you and I are walking down the street in a major city.  If we were to stop 1000 people at random, only 30 people out of that 1000 would be business owners of some kind. If we were specifically looking to meet 30 entrepreneurs of a certain stature, say those who are doing seven figures and up, we would have to stop 25,000 people at random since they make up only 4% of the 3% of people who are business owners. And to meet 30 entrepreneurs who are doing 50 million a year we would have to stop a whopping 250,000 people at random.  

My point is, we are extremely rare. It would require great lengths to meet other entrepreneurs, particularly who have reached a certain level of success. But if you invest your time and energy into attending a highly curated schedule of dinners, meetups, conferences, and retreats you are investing in access, one of the most valuable resources there is.

We’ve all gone to networking mixers where we may really hit it off with 1 or 2 rockstars amongst the sea of other people there. When events are done right and there’s some kind of vetting process or selection criteria in place, finding yourself in a group of like minded individuals can be priceless. At events, you have the ability to foster a wide range of relationships with like minded people in a condensed period of time.

In short, great organizations, communities and live experiences, enable you to condense decades into days. Do not do yourself a disservice, make a point of attending more events this year.