“Business, like life, is all about how you make people feel. It’s that simple, and it’s that hard.” 

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We all have a deep desire to feel significant, and giving a thoughtful gift can make someone feel like they’re understood and valued.

Gift Giving is a powerful tool that you can use to genuinely show someone that you care about them and their business. It’s an important part of any good client appreciation model.

Here are four very actionable tips that you can do to 10x your gift giving.

1. Make it Personal

The most crucial part to gift giving is client intelligence. Gifts should never be an afterthought – instead you should be capturing your clients’ goals, dreams, unique tastes and hobbies, or anything else they mention that’s important to them during every interaction.

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Did they share that their 10 year wedding anniversary is next month? Write it down. Did they tell you that their passion outside of work is mountain-biking? Make note of it. Plug this information into a CRM system. It doesn’t have to be fancy, even a Google spreadsheet will do.

Then pull from this system whenever you want to give a thoughtful gift.


2. Care About Who They Care About

Sometimes giving a gift to a member of a person’s inner circle can be more 10x powerful than giving the gift to them.  It could be their kids, their spouse, their assistant, or their team….

I’ll give a quick example. I had a meeting with a gentleman one evening that took away from his usual family time. I knew this was a big deal to him, as he’s passionate about making time for his family after work.

So the next day I sent his young daughter an Edible Arrangements gift (essentially a fancy fruit basket) with a note thanking her for allowing me to borrow her dad for the night. This went a long way. Not only did the gesture make his daughter feel special, but  it also communicated to him that I respect his priorities and recognize the sacrifice he made in giving me his time. But be warned…

“Giving gifts needs to be genuine, without a strategic agenda behind it”  Click to Tweet

If you’re sending flowers to the spouse of a highly sought-after professional contact (who you don’t really know) that’s the wrong way to do it… You need to have the appropriate relationship with a person and a legitimate reason for sending the gift.

One that doesn’t involve your own agenda.


3. Give Gifts with a High CPM

CPM stands for “Cost Per Impression.”

Give gifts that are evergreen and non-consumable. A bottle of wine lasts one night and then the gift is out of sight and out of mind.

“Focus on gifts that are evergreen and non-consumable”  

You want to give a gift that they’ll use in their everyday life, something that’s actually useful. Something that they’ll engage with often.

My wife Kandis is an incredible gift giver. She engraves bracelets with people’s favorite quotes, finds original, signed copies of people’s favorite books, researches what their favorite restaurants are and then plans date nights for them with their spouse…

These are gifts with high CPMs.

Each time they see their bracelet, they think of her. Every time they crack open their favorite book, they think back to how thoughtful a gift it was. Every time they drive past their favorite restaurant, they think about that the wonderful evening they shared courtesy of the Gaignard’s.

A good gift is something that lasts, be it in memory or physical form.


4. If You Don’t Have a Thoughtful Gift to Give, Then Sit On It

“It’s better to give no gift at all than to give a bad gift.”

Sometimes giving a bad gift can do more harm than good.

I don’t drink, but I often get bottles of wine as gifts. For those that don’t know me, I don’t get upset by this. It’s a common gift. But if a friend or someone who knows me well were to get me a bottle of wine as a gift, I’d feel misunderstood, unheard, and unappreciated. I’d honestly be upset.

I understand that not giving a gift could make you feel guilty, but I believe it’s best to save that money you were going to spend for a later date. Wait until you find something really special that will mean a lot to them.

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