Tony Gareri shares the story of inheriting the family business and being at odds with his father who believed the myth that work has to hurt. Reading time: 1 minute

I want to highlight something that Tony Gareri brought up in Episode 06: Legacy, Family & Growing the Business. He was talking about inheriting his family’s business from his father and this is the picture he painted:

“Here’s my father: An Italian immigrant. Minimal education. No business plan. The epitome of sweat equity and tenacity building a successful business from the ground up. His idea is that it has to be hard, and if it’s not, then something’s wrong.”

I think that as entrepreneurs, our default mode is that of Tony’s Dad. We pour our blood, sweat, and tears into building our businesses, often at the expense of literally everything else in our lives. And IT HURTS.

But the notion that work should hurt is a myth.

“The adage was if ‘if work doesn’t hurt then you’re not working hard enough’… I just don’t believe work has to hurt” – Tony Gareri Click to Tweet

I’m with Tony. When work hurts, other things start to hurt too. Your health, that’ll start to hurt too. Your relationships? Hurt. Family? Hurt. When work hurts, you aren’t as compelled to do great work. In fact, over time you’ll start to resent the work altogether.

You’ll become an exhausted, unhappy, absent version of yourself.

If you’ve been listening to the first season of Community Made then you know that this has been a common thread. In all three of the first solo episodes (The Final Countdown, Scaling is Stupid and The Perfect Calendar) I really go deep on why this attitude to work is toxic and what you should do about it.

Hearing Matthew and Tony talk about it at length as well in this episode really hits the point home once again. Do not miss this episode of Community Made: