The foundational pillars of company culture according Tony Gareri and Matthew Bertulli: get real feedback from employees through anonymous surveys, empower your team to create change, let them push back, and celebrate everything. Reading time: 2 minutes. 

I want to make my employees feel great every day. And if I can do that, how could that not permeate into something really awesome?” – Tony Gareri Click to Tweet

In Episode 06: Legacy, Family & Growing the Business with Tony Gareri and Matthew Bertulli we talk a lot about core values and company culture. Make no mistake: Culture is King. I’m a huge advocate of the fact that you can’t scale a business for success without the right internal culture. You’ll grow, but you run the risk of building something that’s rotten at its core.

After listening to our conversation again and again I realized that there are four fundamental pillars for creating company culture that’s built to last:

  1. Get real feedback.
  2. Empower your team to create real change within your organization.
  3. Let them push back.
  4. Celebrate everything.

So how do you utilize these four pillars in practical terms?

Well, in Tony’s case he has a program at Roma Moulding that he calls Culture Cards. Similar to Valentine’s Day Cards, the idea is that when you see someone do something that wowed you, or that really exemplified the company’s core values, you grab a card and write a little note letting them know. It’s an awesome idea, and a great way to create a space for reciprocal feedback amongst your team.

“Culture is the DNA or soul of the organization. It’s how the company shows up…” Tony Gareri Click to Tweet

Tony understands that internal culture comes from the top, but lives in all levels of an organization. His culture cards give Roma’s employees the opportunity to play an active role in co-creating that culture, and that’s awesome.

For Matthew, it’s about “allowing my employees to ask questions and give feedback, and to do it anonymously” because “you get access to a treasure trove of information.”

This is a big one. As a leader, you need to get an accurate reading on the internal culture of your organization, and you can’t do that from the top. You need to see things from the point of view of the employees, which is why Demac Media utilizes anonymous employee satisfaction surveys, a random slack bot Leo that sends out notes like “If you were to recommend working here to a friend, what would you say? Or if not, what would you say?” These tools actively solicit feedback from his team on a regular basis. Giving people a chance to voice their opinion, credit and praise for having the courage to do that, and then actually working with them to solve the problem is HUGE.

Hear more about culture from Tony and Matthew in Episode 06:  Legacy, Family & Growing the Business