Meditation is not something I’m naturally inclined towards. In fact, my entrepreneur ADD is in complete conflict with the entire practice. But Jordan Guernsey taught me that meditation is simply a matter of finding awareness and letting go of self-judgement. Reading time: 2 minutes


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Like many entrepreneurs, meditation feels like a non-starter for me. I have ADD (again, like many entrepreneurs), and after 20 seconds something inside me screams for me to stop.

But meditation is something that has come up several times in season one of Community Made. In Episode 04 Gary Vaynerchuk is adamant that meditation will be the next big retail boom. And in Episode 05: Lessons from the Edge, Jordan Guernsey and I talk at length about how important meditation was for him following his cancer diagnosis and throughout treatment.

And Jordan thinks I seriously need to give it a shot. There were a couple things that he suggested that made me feel a bit better about the whole idea, considering my aversion to the whole process:

Meditation = Awareness

There’s more than one way to meditate; you don’t have to be capable of sitting in stillness and silence for an hour.

There is no ‘right way.’

Jordan taught me that meditation is just being aware, and being in the moment.

To me that means that everyday situations can be opportunities for meditation. For instance, turning off your cell phone for one hour and getting outside for a hike can be a form of meditation. Working out – an hour of hard cardio, yoga for sure, anything that lets you really be in your body can be a meditative practice. Or, if you like, try conscious breathing exercises; take one big conscious breath, feeling the air travel to your lungs, and hearing the breath leave your mouth. That’s a form of meditation, and actually one that can be particularly helpful for for people with ADD because it really does help re-center focus.

Don’t Judge Yourself

Jordan told me, “the first time I meditated I think I lasted about 38 seconds.” Which really made me feel a whole lot better at my own knee-jerk aversion to stillness and meditation.

If you sit down to meditate, close your eyes, and 10 seconds into the practice your to-do list pops up, that’s okay. Just accept that and let it go. That’s the key. If you sit for just 3 minutes today when you intended 15, then that’s okay. You’re you and you are on your own path. Just be you. And just keep trying.



“If you’ve found caught yourself in a state of true awareness, then celebrate and move on.”  – Jordan Guernsey  

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