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“Once a person is capable of really getting into a place where they’re content with themselves and can, at a very high level, not worry about the market’s feedback, they can win.” Gary Vaynerchuck

A lot of people have been talking about the MMT archive Q&A featured in Episode 04 – Gary Vaynerchuk: EQ, Awareness, and the Next Retail Boom.

And according to the feedback that I’ve gotten so far, the biggest takeaway for people has been Stop Giving A F**k. So simple, and so very real. You’ll never be happy if you’re not you. Because the fact is,


“you’re going to die, so you literally have no time to be inauthentic.”  


We are constantly bombarded. Information overload. Sensory overload. Opinion overload. According to Gary, there are a lot of entrepreneurs out there who are entrepreneurs because right now it’s the cool thing to do, and that means there’s lot of young entrepreneurs who really shouldn’t be running their own companies. That creates a silent culture in business of depression, substance abuse issues, and suicide. “I’m starting to talk a lot about suicide and depression in entrepreneur land because it’s very real,” Gary points out.

Does that hit home? Maybe for you or someone that you know?

According to Gary Vaynerchuk, first and foremost you have to stop giving a f**k about what you should do, what you’re supposed to do, and what other people think.


How Not to Give A F**K (according to GaryVee)


Turn Up Your Self Awareness

It always comes back to you. You must understand who you are, how you interact with the world, and what you ultimately want. For Gary, which he’s quite transparent about in this talk, that has meant really digging into his greatest strength: emotional intelligence. You have to really interrogate what’s driving you. Ask yourself what do you really want? (or, Ask Why Until It Hurts…) What excites you? What’s the ultimate goal? If you continued the path you’re on, what would your 85 year-old self regret? You gotta go deep on this.

Think like Vee, “As scary as it is for you to judge me, and for you to not think I’m cool, what’s way scarier is regret.”

Figure Out What’s Most Important to You

Narrow it down to the essential. Your true priority. Is it creating impact for your tribe? Is it your personal relationships? Is it making as much money as possible? Is it your health? Remember, this is your priority, not the priority of the people around you. Find that and Crush It. If you’re stuck on this, you should listen to Episode 03 – Your Perfect Calendar.

For Gary, if he doesn’t hustle he’ll go crazy. He has to do it. There’s no alternative for him.

“I know my truth which is if I’m not happy then everything else breaks. And if it makes me unhappy not to hustle, and do my thing, that’s a vulnerability. And that’s a real truth that people don’t want to say out loud… I’m suffocated not being me and my kids are way worse off if I’m not happy.”

Knowing what your priority is makes it a hell of a lot easier to stop giving a f**k.

Understand The Price You’re Willing to Pay

If your priority is your work then your relationship with your family might suffer. If your priority is your free time then your business might suffer. Everything has a cost, and your job is to figure out the price of admission you’re willing to pay.

Gary works 18 hours a day. His hustle is his true priority and he’s willing to pay the price of admission that goes along with that. So figure out your priority and decide if you’re willing to pay the price of admission. If you are, it becomes so much easier to immunize yourself from giving a f**k.


The ROI on Not Giving A Fuck (According to GaryVee)


“Speed. Speed. When you’re not spending any time on worrying you’re spending time on executing. Speed [..] Speed is the game in what we all do for a living. And if you’re not worried about dwelling on what people think you’re in execution mode. And I do everything in my power to put myself in full execution mode at all times.”